BackType Connect plugin [you do not have sufficient permission to access this page]

If you get the above message when trying to open the settings page for the BackType Connect wordpress plugin here is the fix:


BackType Most Tweeted Posts Widget

Since discovering the BackType Connect plugin for wordpress and playing with the code for their TweetCount plugin I have found many other ‘Tweet’ centric widgets that can display tweets in the sidebar.  (more…)

Disable TweetCount Plugin on WordPress Pages, Posts, Home or Category Lists

I have been using the BackType TweetCount WordPress Plugin to display the Re-tweet button and Tweet Count. Out of the box, the plugin is lacks one important feature for me – The ability to easily disable it on page, post, home page or cetegory lists. (more…)

Flickr on black

[download id="1" format="1" autop="false"]

Greasemonkey script for Flickr on Black Links

Greasemonkey script for Flickr on Black Links