Insurance Agency Cluster Agreement

1. Short- and long-term goals: How does the network help you achieve your short- and long-term goals? Can they help you become sustainable in the long term? Does the network have a proven track record, service and benefits for your agency`s lifecycle? How do you get access to insurance companies? Do you have access to preferred, standard, E-S and specialized markets and at what levels of pay? Are you considering a formal partnership or merger with another insurance agency? Joining an insurance cluster can be a way to gradually explore this option in a mutually beneficial way. As a member of a cluster, you will get to know other agents, how they are at work and what they might look like as official business partners. Often, it is much easier to separate from an insurance cluster than a merged entity. Joining a cluster can allow you and others to test the waters and see if a merger or other trade agreement would be a good step in the future. If you work with more than one insurer, you can offer your customers more opportunities to find the best coverage at the best price. If you are looking for something to expand your agency, I would recommend looking for options in the California Farm Office. Insurance bundles charge registration fees, membership fees and sometimes also maintenance and even exit fees. Do research, read reviews, ask current and former members and make sure there are no hidden fees before signing. The intention of this manual is to highlight the issues that you should consider contractually and relationally when researching the potential of partnering with an aggregator or cluster. These models vary in structure and contractual obligations, so it is important to keep in mind that it is not “a size suitable for all” and what for some agents may not work for you. Long story brief, there is not much in the name.

You need to research, ask questions and search for referrals before deciding which cluster of insurance agencies (or network or aggregator) is right for you. The SIAA is not in itself an insurance cluster, an aggregator, or a network. SIAA is a national network of 48 master`s agencies in the United States, with nearly 5,000 members who together write $9.1 billion in bonuses. If you decide to join us, you would be a member of one of these master`s agencies that will use their local knowledge, relationships and know-how to help you grow. I think People Helping People has the best contract for independent brokers.

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