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MyPath2ASU™ is a new set of custom tools that help students transition from Community College to ASU. It makes college transfer smooth by allowing students to plan their course in their core subject at ASU by posting the right courses. Your MAPP, TAG or GPA agreement has been updated to a myPath2ASU™. No changes are necessary. ASU has partnerships that will help you make a smooth transfer to university by discovering the courses you need to take, which will be transferred to your main ASU subject. If you enroll in a Pathway program, you can save time and money, so you don`t attend classes you don`t need. If the admission requirements are met, you will have a guarantee of admission to your ASU program. If you are a student in the Maricopa County Community District, you can update your Pathway Agreement by enrolling in a new MyPath2ASU™ MAPP. For all other students, you can change your Pathway agreement by logging into the My Transfer Guide account and updating your myPath2ASU™ agreement. Introduction of MyPath2ASU™ – a series of tailor-made tools for transferring students from regionally accredited US institutions (including international students who change from regionally accredited US institutions). MyPath2ASU™ creates a seamless transfer experience to ASU after earning credits or an associate degree from a U.S.

community college or university. Choose from over 400 pathways in an ASU online or online study program and you have access to personalized benefits that will help you navigate the transfer experience. Plan a path in your main subject of your choice by posting courses that will be transferred to ASU, reducing your time until the end. A simple and seamless transition to one of the top 10 universities in the country for basic training – this is MyPath2ASU™. What is MyPath2ASU™ and what is the impact on my MAPP, TAG or GPA agreement? If you signed a TAG agreement before the summer of 2017, you will find your curriculum sketch. Each path to a bachelor`s degree is different. While you may not be allowed now, we`ve developed ways to help you get a bachelor`s degree at Arizona State University. Track progress until the completion of your MyPath2ASU MAPP via the Pathway Tracker.

See how shorter courses meet Pathway requirements. In My ASU, click Pathway Tracker. *General admission to higher education is guaranteed after obtaining the following conditions:1) Degree degree degree from a regionally accredited university with a cumulative AMP of at least 2.00 (Arizona residents) or 2.50 cumulative GPA (nonans) or 2) completion of 24 or more transferable semester points after high school with a cumulative transfer fee of at least 2.50 (4.00 = “A”) and proof of high school diploma; or…

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