Techstars Note Purchase Agreement

Our rating has a standard valuation cap of $3,000,000. This cap will only be increased if a company has entered into financing of more than $250,000 before receiving the Techstar Letter of Intent, either by (a) a stock spin with a pre-money valuation greater than $3,000,000, or (b) convertible bonds/SAFEs with an automatic conversion cap of more than $3,000,000. If this is the case, the rating limit of our rating may be raised to match the higher rating/conversion cap up to a maximum of $5,000,000. 5. Control of bondholders – In the context of working with several convertible investors, it is often a good thing to provide in the contract for the purchase of notes that a majority of bondholders (based on their investment amounts) may agree to change the terms of the loan. Often, the maturities of the bond need to be changed (e.g. .B. if the bond matures without qualified funding or from subsequent investors who wish to change the terms of the bonds in the previous cycle). Start-up consultants should try to avoid the situation in which a single grade holder can stop a necessary change. “I am very excited to join the V2 Games team and work towards our CSE listing in the first quarter of 2021,” said Bailey. “V2 Games` purchase of GameOn`s assets offers a growth trajectory and we have already taken some important steps, including the hiring of Santiago Jaramillo as Vice President of Product,” he continued. “Mr.

Jaramillo brings great sporting and playful experience to V2 Games after building FIFA at EA Sports for a decade and leading the development of NBA Top Shot at Dapper Labs. As part of the asset purchase, V2 Games entered into an employment agreement with Matthew Bailey, a founder and CEO of GameOn, on December 1, 2020, under which Mr. Bailey agreed to act as Chief Executive Officer of V2 Games. 1. Discount – The discount offers investors upside potential for their early investment. A typical discount is 20%. See Wilson Sonsini`s Entrepreneur`s Report, which finds that more than half of their convertible bond loans received a 20% discount in 2012. In the event of a network start-up, the holder has the right (but not the obligation) to convert into tokens all unpaid and unpaid accrued interest issued by the company during such a network start-up at a price per token corresponding to a 20% discount on the lowest price paid by third-party buyers. We acquire the right to 6% of the company`s fully diluted capital for qualified financing (as defined below) for 20,000 USD. We will receive our 6% common shares immediately prior to the Company`s next equity financing of $250,000 or more (a “Qualified Financing”). Our 6% stake is subject to our equity back guarantee. Here is a useful contribution from David Cohen, who explains our intention for the equity Back Guarantee.

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