Uft Agreement With Doe Covid

Yes. Schools receive permanently from each student/parent, at the beginning of the school year and throughout the school year, the written agreement of the parents/legal guardians for the students tested at the school, including permission to share the results with the competent municipal authorities. Parents are informed that if a parent/legal guardian refuses to give consent to a randomly selected student for tests, the student is placed in the distance learning cohort. To ensure the health and safety of all students, employees and families, we encourage everyone who comes to our school buildings to get tested for COVID-19. It`s safe, free, and easy for everyone, regardless of immigration or insurance status, and your test results are confidential. To find a trial site near you, visit nyc.gov/covidtest. You will be contacted by phone or email with your test results at the phone number or email address that the DOE makes available to test providers. If you test negatively, you will receive an email with the results of your tests. If only one case of COVID-19 is detected in a classroom, the room is cleaned and closed for 24 hours. All students in the class and staff who are believed to have been in close contact are quarantined for 14 days. If two or more related cases are found in a classroom or classroom, the rooms are cleaned and closed for 24 hours.

All students in the class and staff suspected of having been in close contact are quarantined for 14 days. Please note that affected classrooms may be open after cleaning to accommodate another cohort during this quarantine period. All companies under contract with the DOE to perform school-based random testing – Fulgent, BioReference Laboratories and Somos Healthcare – have promised that any protected information or samples collected will be used exclusively for COVID-19 testing. These test providers only notify test results to patients (or, if they are minors, parents or legal guardians), the ordering physician, and health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control, the National Department of Health, the City Department of Health, and new York City Health and Hospitals` NYC Test + Trace program, as permitted by law or permitted. Suppliers will not use subcontractors for testing. To learn more about these data protection and data security obligations, see the supplier agreements on the UFT website. DOE students in grades 3k to 12 will receive priority testing at 22 health and hospital (H+H) testing sites. DOE students are not required to bring a student ID or certificate of enrollment. Parents and legal guardians of students are encouraged to bring their insurance card, but with or without an insurance card, there is no fee for students to be tested. . . .

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